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My First Konadicure 10/30/09

Base:  Orly “Prince Charming”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “White”

Tips: LA Colors Art Deco Polish in “White”

Plate: M63

After everything that I had heard, I really expected it to go over a lot worse than it did. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it.  I kinda wish the all over nail designs were just a bit longer so that they would actually cover the entire nail for those of us with longer nails.


Konad M63 11/13/09

Base: Orly “Mint Mojito”

Pattern: Konad Special Polish in “Blue”

Plate: M63

Orly polishes are, by far, my favorite.  I feel like I can wear them almost all week without any chipping or cracking.  This manicure reminded me of some kind of tapestry.  Curtains or an old sofa or something.  Lol.  I still think they were super cute.